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Passionate About Creating Second Chances

Fresh Attitudes for New Success (FANS) is a newly-established non-profit organization providing educational services to empower ex-offenders who proactively seek positive change. We work with individuals recently released from incarceration to build skills to find jobs. From resumes to mock interviews, FANS helps build confidence and a positive new start for folks who need it.

Good people sometimes make bad choices. We don’t believe that life should be defined by mistakes. Support second chances. Become a part of FANS and improve the lives of everyone in the Michiana community.


Our Board of Directors


Alicia Brown, President & Founder        >>

Ali Wruble, Vice President

Rachel Weatherly, Secretary

Beth Szweda, Treasurer

John Butler

Roland Chamblee

Lisa DeVries

Ricky Herbst

Sharon McBride

Jaime Murphy

Bill Redman

Geoff Spiess


There are so many words to describe Alicia Brown. Passionate. Vivacious. Bright. Sassy. Felon. Recovering addict.

In 2016, Alicia Brown was in prison for the third time for crimes relating to addiction and prescription fraud. On a Friday, her teacher gave her a copy of Jails to Jobs by Mark Drevno. She devoured it over the weekend, and Alicia was never the same. FANS was born that weekend.

Alicia followed the steps in Jails to Jobs to improve her job search skills but more importantly to increase her self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. She now serves as an Outreach Coordinator for U.S. Addiction Services. 

Alicia Brown is the founder and President of the Board of Directors. She grew up in Warren, Michigan and has lived in St. Joseph County for over 13 years. She attended Indiana University South Bend focusing on Communications. She is the proud mother of six-year-old Ayden.

Support Our Mission
  • Hire a FANS participant to fill a position at your organization

  • Donate business clothing or other essential items

  • Participate in our mock interview program

  • Volunteer your time

  • Contribute money to help us help others


FANS fulfills a need that this and every community has – to help those transitioning back into regular life after incarceration. It benefits everyone for these vulnerable citizens to get the help they need so they can become assets to society and not recidivists. Support second chances by assisting FANS and improve the lives of everyone in the Michiana community.

Interested in our Board?

We are always looking for talented motivated people to join our board! If you are interested in applying for board membership, click here for the application.

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